Words from our members

We take a lot of pride in what we do.  We have always been focused on each member feeling welcomed, cared for, understood and most importantly challenged with the goal always being about results.  This means putting more time and effort into each and every client than weight loss company in Oakville.

We are always so happy to hear from our clients and we feel it is so important to share their words with you.

Excellent alternative to the gym membership you never use! Motivated staff that motivates you to exercise in a friendly environment where no one is left behind. You will have a more focused determination for weight loss and lifestyle change!


I have been going to Primal Athletics since April 2014. If you want results this is the place for you. Start 2015 off with a fitness goal and let Primal Athletics help you reach it.

Siobhan D

Becoming a member of Primal Athletics is one of the best decisions I’ve made!. I have been going for 2 months now and I feel better than I have felt in a long time and I’m already starting to see my hard work pay off. The classes are challenging and the coaches are motivating and supportive. It’s a GREAT way to start your day!

Jennifer F

I am a marathoner and triathlete, I have worked with Primal Athletics for more than two years. I combined their training with my marathon program, and I managed to improve my time in over 40 minutes. Last year I ran NY City Marathon in 3:22 and I qualify to run Boston Marathon. Thank you very much. Muchas Gracias!

Guillermo V

Primal Athletics has exceptional personal services providing each member with support and guidance no matter their level of workout experience. I’m a very lazy person when it comes to exercise, I make excuses, never have time, etc not so much since I started working with Primal, although everyone around me thought I would quit after a month, I have been going now for a number of months with great results. I’m “hooked” on Primal, the other clients and staff are great and make you feel welcomed. My experience has been excellent since the very beginning. I’m following Chris’s customized meal plan that suits my needs and likes and I’m so very happy with the results. He has made it flexible enough to fit in my busy schedule and even when I travel, I’m able to follow the plan easily.Whether you’re an elite athlete or just an amateur, there’s something for everyone.

Sefora F

Chris and his staff are very well informed and care about each client achieving their goals. Their online workouts are only 45 minutes, offer a lot of variety (never boring). This is a very friendly and welcoming gym. Chris will give you any information you need about the impact of diet on goals and you can also get a meal plan if you wish, which is personally tailored. I love this place!

Shelley P

Primal Athletics delivers a variety of workouts that keeps things interesting and most importantly gets results. As with any workout your results will depend on your effort and eating habits.The coaches are knowledgeable about fitness, healthy eating and more than willing to share their expertise with you. As an added bonus they will motivate you to reach for new personal bests.It is a great place to get started or get back on your journey to better health. Last but not least the extremely reasonable pricing, overall this is a great place, so stop reading and signup now! You’ll be glad you did.

Jacob S

I’ve been coming to Primal for over 2 years now and couldn’t possibly imagine life without it now. Attending a bootcamp class gives you a sense of accomplishment for the day and morning classes set you in a zen state for the rest of the day…stress will roll off your back easier, I swear!Have made many friends inside the gym. It’s a very supportive environment…it truly is a family.Class sizes are small enough that the coaches, Chris and Steve, will help you with your form.It’s inspirational to see the coaches working hard to attain their own personal goals…the worst is coaches at other gyms who don’t appear to practice what they preach.Lots of variety…never had the same workout twice in 2 years…loving the new battle ropes and sled!Lots of convenient classes all day makes sure there aren’t any excuses to skip!Optional meal plans truly work!Whether your goal is to run a marathon, bulk up, lose weight, or just fit into your clothes better, Primal WORKS!

Bob W

I absolutely love going to Primal Athletics. I’ve been going for 2 months and have noticed a substantial improvement in my workouts. The classes are run to be exactly 45 minutes, they are always different and challenging, even if you’re fit. That’s exactly what I’ve been needing from a boot camp. The trainers are very knowledgeable and watch form and correct as you exercise. I highly recommend to anyone who’s looking to change things up and be challenged.

Noor S

I was never able to exercise on a regular basis; too tired, too busy, not enough time with the kids, etc. After the 40 mark, I realized I had never been so heavy. I knew I had to do something if I wanted to keep up with those kids of mine. My goals were very basic: create a habit, lose a few pounds and sweat a little. I knew I did not want to join one of the big gyms. Been there, done that and it did not work for me. I was mostly looking for classes and I knew it had to be early in the morning because that is when I have a lot of energy. We found Primal Athletics online and my husband and I thought the trial week was interesting. They had 6am classes and the gym was only 5 minutes from our house. I am not going to lie; it was hard! I did not think I would make it and I thought I would never reach my goal of creating a habit. But at Primal Athletics, I found a lot of encouraging people who really believed I could make it. Guess what? I made it. Seven months later, I go to the gym 4-5 times a week, I am following Chris’ meal plan and I lost 16 pounds since last September. I have not only met my objectives but exceeded them: I was able to create a habit, lose more than a few pounds and sweat… A LOT!

France P

I started at Primal back in September 2015 when I was looking to switch up my workout routine. My workouts consisted of no less than 5km up to 10km of cardio 6 times a week, trying to achieve my dream body. Three years went by with little to no results. That all changed when I came to Primal. I learned the benefits of weight training, became less fearful of switching up my workouts and trusted Chris and his team that my goals were possible with their guidance. Chris leads an excellent weight lifting class that has helped me begin to build the body I’ve always wanted but didn’t know how to achieve. I’ve not only gained incredible strength, but have also gained confidence within myself. I am able to do things physically I could never do before; I am not only physically healthy but mentally as well. It’s been approx. 6 months with great results and I am excited for what’s to come as more time goes on! I highly recommend Primal to anyone looking for a positive, encouraging environment where results are guaranteed!

Marissa T

“When I joined Primal Athletics my goal was to lose weight and get into shape. I started going to boot camp classes daily and in one of the classes Chris mentioned about his meal plan program. One of the main things I remember him saying is “all I ask is you give me 90-days on my meal plan and I will change your life”, and this in fact is what happened to me. I followed the meal plan he customized for me religiously, was consistent in my boot camp classes and after 90 days lost weight and inches from my body. I feel better, have more energy and sleep through the night. What a difference a proper meal plan and eating habits do for your body!I had injured myself (not from class) but from something I had done the night before and was so impressed that Chris saw that I was struggling with my weights, he ran over and was helping me with my inflamed tissue. He offered a few classes of “athletic therapy” to help re-strengthen my muscles around my tissues and I’m back to normal. All the coaches at Primal are very focused and dedicated on helping you achieve your goals, whatever they may be. It’s also nice to get that personal attention from them to ensure you are following proper technique when doing the exercises so that you don’t suffer from any injuries.

Lisa P

I went to see Chris just over a year ago. I had never been to a gym in my life and was fairly intimidated by the idea. I had never been the strong or athletic guy growing up. Right away Chris made me feel welcome and it was more of a community than a gym atmosphere. Within 2-3 weeks I started seeing results and was amazed and happy with myself. Not long after that Chris discovered that I had an issue with lifting weights with the left side of my body. He was able to narrow it down to my left ribs. I had been in a car accident year’s back and scar tissue had grown over 3 of my ribs. I always had pain in that area, but had never connected it with a past injury. Without Chris’s expertise and knowledge I would never have put 1 and 1 together. I don’t even consider Chris a Coach any more, rather he is more a friend and mentor. With his help and that of his wife Holly, I now live a healthier lifestyle and feel good about my body.

Bill C

When I joined Primal I had no idea what was in store for me! I was looking for something new to take my workouts to the next level and for someone to provide guidance for my eating, I got that and more. Between the bootcamp classes, the meal plan and the coaching, I am feeling better than I have in years, my energy is way up, my stress levels are down and never mind the change in my body! Chris, Hollie and the entire Primal team are supportive, knowledgeable and genuinely want all of their members to succeed. I can’t say enough about what being a member of this gym has done for me, I would highly recommend giving it a try!

Michelle G

I completed a half marathon yesterday and shaved off over 5 minutes off by PB time from late October 2015. I started with you guys in the first week of November and I think it really has helped. In October I did 1:56:50 and yesterday I did 1:51:07 – I couldn’t be happier! Thanks for all you guys do. I have a 30Km in less than one month then a full marathon on May 1st– so let’s see if I am able to make similar progress for those events – yahoo!

Courtney E

I have been going since almost first you started. At the beginning I was not very coordinated and found many of the exercises a challenge. Bicycles let’s not even go there. Throughout the past 3 years I have gained strength and muscle definition, and even the bicycles are much improved. This is all attributed to the various daily workouts provided by Primal instructors. I continue going to the classes to further push myself and to not lose what I have gained. I also enjoy the excellent direction and encouragement from the various instructors. You included. I would encourage anyone to sign up if they want results through hard work and no fluff. Still looking for those washboard abs! Lol! Maybe one day…

Robert E