What are your prices?

Please see our prices here


I only wish to attend twice a week – do you offer a discounted membership?

No, please note Primal Athletics LTD. has singlehandedly brought down bootcamp pricing in the Oakville area to the best rate in the business for up to 40 classes a week. We offer 40 classes a week and have lots of flexibility to offer our members.


Do I need to bring water?

You can, but we also have a water cooler.


Where should I park?

We have lots of free parking out front of our facility.


Do you have a shower?

Yes, we have two showers/change rooms.


What happens if I late cancel my personal training session?

Unfortunately, we will charge 100% of the session if cancelled less than 12 hours notice.


What happens if I forget to cancel myself out of a bootcamp class that I did not attend?

It is a Members responsibility to cancel their reservation in the online reservation system provided by Primal Athletics LTD. If you sign in and reserve a space and NO SHOW without cancelling yourself out of the online reservation system, you will be charged a $15 administration fee due before your participation in the next class.


What forms of payment do you accept?

Cash, cheques (made payable to Primal Athletics LTD), e-transfer, all major credit cards (plus applicable taxes and service charge).