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We are Oakville's award-winning weight loss experts delivering personal transformation through diet and exercise counselling

The human body is remarkably capable and can achieve almost anything you set it to accomplish. As you age, mental cognition and physical performance become crucial factors influencing your quality of life and lifespan. Research has consistently shown that exercise is unparalleled in its ability to improve biological health markers and reduce the risk of all-cause mortality.

Prioritizing exercise, nutrition, and recovery can significantly improve all aspects of healthy living. Consistent repetition is essential for achieving high-level performance in all areas of health and fitness.

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    Health & Fitness Goals   
    Goals in health & fitness change throughout life with each journey being incredibly unique. Living a strong & capable life, spend time with kids & grandkids and feeling confident in what you can do. The best thing is to start exercising on a regular basis. So, Start Now!
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    Sports Injury Treatment & Prevention  
    Sport requires extreme amounts of range of motion and power. An imbalance between mobility and stability at a joint can lead to injury and a combination of variables needs to be considered in order to develop a treatment plan. At Primal Athletics, injury treatment includes strength training, mechanics assessment & correction, range of motion improvements and total body functions.
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    Machine vs Free Weight 
    While machines allow you to limit the potential for injury, Primal Athletics focuses on teaching the basic principles of exercise performance (squat, hinge, lunge, push, pull, rotation & anti-rotation, flexion & extension) with free weight in order to better translate performance from the gym to the real world.
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    Having a coach look at your mechanics can significantly improve performance, avoid the potential of injury occurrence and keep you focused on improving. If you work with a health & fitness professional on a regular basis you can always benefit.

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Chris LeBlanc

Head Nutritionist

"A Coach will make you do things you don’t want to do to become the person you want to be"

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