“Embrace your age, young or old, be confident, work hard to change what you can and learn to accept the rest, gladly and wholeheartedly!”

Reuben Gonzalez – BIO

After over a year of taking the bootcamp classes and personal training at Primal Athletics, Coach Chris asked me if I’d like to work for him part time.  He pushed me pretty hard, I must say, and as a result, I went from being a post-menopausal 55-year-old (with all that this implies) to a fit, toned and happy 57-year-old coach. 

It wasn’t until after working with the coaches at Primal that I discovered that even post-menopausal women of a certain age were capable of actually building and maintaining muscle.  Who knew?  As proof of this, in 2018 I competed in the IDFA Natural Athlete body building competition and finished second and third in the Novice and Masters divisions!  This helped to cement my belief that we are never too old to accomplish things we work hard for and to which we set our often-frazzled minds.
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Bootcamp Instructor and Personal Trainer