What a weekend!  The Primal Athletics competition team did amazing.

  • Top Trainer Award for Coach Chris LeBlanc
  • 2nd Place Men’s Pro Physique
  • 2nd Plac Figure Pro
  • 4th Place Figure Pro
  • 2nd Place Men’s Novice Physique
  • 1st Place Men’s Master Physique
  • Pro Card Master Men’s Physique
  • 2nd Place Masters Figure Novice
  • 3rd Place Masters Figure Novice

We are so proud of the team.  A huge congratulations to everyone who put their heart and soul into preparing for the show.  Your hard work paid off!

This years competitive team are all over 40.  Just shows you…age is just a number. And, you achievement was  this 100% natural-no hormones, no boosters!  Proteins, carbs, heavy lifting and a ton of determination and commitment.

About the Author : Anna Diorio