Before Class/Training Session

1 - Arrive 10-15 minutes early, familiarize yourself with our facilities, pay and fill out a waiver if it is your first visit.

2 - Members are responsible to sign themselves in to a class using the online reservation system provided by Primal Athletics LTD. prior to the start of every class. If a Member does not sign in prior to class, participation in that time slot will not be guaranteed.

3 - Late arrivals can be disruptive and may not be accommodated.

4 - Any personal belongings left behind such as water bottles, clothing or shoes will be kept for up to 1 week and then will be donated or discarded.

5 - Please refrain from using your cell phones during a class or training session – it is your time to focus on you and the world can wait!

6 - Leave all valuable, personal belongings at home/car, or in the designated storage areas of the facility.

7 - Keep voices low while in the reception area and change rooms.

8 - No dirty or wet shoes are allowed on the gym floor.

9 - Avoid wearing perfume or any strong scents.

10 - Until the Coach invites the Members into the gym to begin class, Members ARE NOT admitted on to the workout floor area until the start of the class.

11 - Advise the instructor of any injury or medical condition (including pregnancy) before class starts.

12 - Wear light-weight and comfortable clothes to class so you can move easily.


During Class/Training Session

1 - Drink water as needed during the class/training session.

2 - If you are ever feeling overwhelmed or tired, please take breaks as needed.

3 - Listen to the Fitness Coach for instructions on how to perform the movements.

4 - Safety is our # 1 priority and if asked to refrain from a movement due to poor form, please respect the Fitness Coach and perform the recommended modified exercise instead.

5 - After class/training session clean up your weights and any fitness equipment.

6 - Make sure to stay well hydrated and replenish lost fluids after a class/training session.

7 - Ensure that you eat within 2-4 hours after your class/training session.