We know what a great trainer Coach Chris is, but now the hole country does as well.  In April we received the news that MUSCLE INSIDER and EFX Sports had nominated our very own Head Coach to Canada’s Top Trainers of the Year Challenge.   In its seventh year, the MUSCLE INSIDER Trainer of the Year challenge searches for Canada’s premier certified trainers among a number of fitness disciplines, narrowing it down from hundreds of recommendations to 10 highly qualified finalists.

MUSCLE INSIDER’s team assessed each candidate’s credentials, including academic background and certifications, awards, client feedback and reputation, and professional success. The finalists were an elite group whose collective background covered such disciplines as bodybuilding, powerlifting, CrossFit, Olympic weightlifting, mixed martial arts, and functional strength training.

Besides being kick-ass trainers, the finalists were tasked with including EFX Sports supplements into their clients’ nutrition plans to maximize performance and results. The challenge ultimately ranked which trainers achieved the greatest overall results and highest level of motivation with their clients and within the fitness community as a whole.

Vancouver, BC’s trainer Zion Afele won the gold-medal award, Oakville, Ontario trainer Chris LeBlanc earned our silver medal award while Langley, BC’s Grace Bukowsky claimed the bronze medal.

Congratulations Coach Chris!  What a huge accomplishment.

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About the Author : Anna Diorio