Meet Chris LeBlanc!

Chris BioAn avid bodybuilder, powerlifter, hockey player and martial arts enthusiast, Chris prides himself on being able to motivate others to achieve their health & fitness goals. “Hard work + Dedication equals SUCCESS”. Years of hockey and martial arts training have taught Chris that discipline, dedication and determination are what matters when it comes to reaching one’s goals. In order to better serve his clients, Chris went back to school in 2012 to become a Certified Sports Nutritionist with the International Sports Sciences Association (ISSA), a world leader in fitness & nutrition education. Knowing how important meal frequency, macronutrient ratios, specificity to athletic objectives, and periodizing caloric intake are to helping clients be successful inside and outside the gym, Chris is equipped to teach people how their nutritional choices have an impact on their performance goals.


A lifelong student, Chris is a motivational speaker, bodybuilder, physique competitor.


As a lifetime natural athlete, he holds a Gold Medal in his first Powerlifting competition in 2016, a 4th place finish in Male Fitness Model with the WBFF in 2015, and an 8th & 6th place finish respectively with the Ontario Physique Association in Men's Physique in 2015. Follow his journey on Instagram @chris_primalathletics.


“A Coach will make you do things you don’t want to do to become the person you want to be”


  • Certified Personal Trainer
  • Certified Sports Nutritionist
  • Certified PowerLifting Instructor
  • Boxing and Muay Thai Instructor
  • Mechanical Engineering Technologist
  • Motivational Speaker


Favourite Food – Pizza

Favourite Music –Country

Favourite Lift – Bench Press

Meet Hollie LeBlanc!

Hollie BioA competitive figure athlete, personal trainer, yoga enthusiast, graduated Chef, certified Human Resource Leader, Certified Training and Development Professional and Manager for Primal Athletics.


Hollie left her corporate job in June 2015 to help her husband, Chris, operate Primal Athletics. Hollie prides herself on living a healthy and athletic lifestyle by practicing the daily habits which lead her to success inside and outside the gym – following sound nutrition principles, eating a well-balanced diet of macronutrients, getting enough sleep, drinking plenty of water and following a structured protocol of lifting weights to meet her physique goals.


Hollie has always been involved in an active lifestyle since she was a little girl from swimming to skating to ballet and in her teenage years, started weight lifting. Now, being fit in her forties, Hollie prides herself on being an industry leader to remind people that it is never too late to change your life! The power is in your hands to transform your life if you aren’t afraid to take charge, work hard, sacrifice and become dedicated to living the healthiest version of yourself yet...LIVE PRIMAL!


Follow her journey on Instagram @hollieleblanc_primalathletics & @chefhollieskitchen


  • Certified Personal Trainer
  • Certified Yoga Teacher
  • Certified Human Resource Leader
  • Certified Training & Development Professional
  • Graduated Chef


Figure Competition Awards & Placings:


  • 2010 UFE Halloween Mayhem Figure 2nd Place Masters
  • 2010 UFE Halloween Mayhem Figure 5th Place Open
  • 2015 GNC Ottawa Classic Figure 1st Place Open
  • 2015 GNC Ottawa Classic Figure 1st Place Masters
  • 2015 GNC Live Well Ontario Natural Figure 1st Place Masters
  • 2015 GNC Live Well Ontario Natural Figure 1st Place Open
  • 2015 CBBF Natural Nationals World Qualifier 5th Place Figure
  • 2016 Arnold Amateurs 9th Place Women's Body Fitness Class E
  • 2016 Arnold Amateurs 10 Place Women's Master Medium


"I don’t diet; I just eat according to my goals - anonymous"


Favourite Food – Tacos

Favourite Music – Rock n’ Roll

Favourite Lift – Deadlift

Meet Devin Coish!


Devin grew up being relatively active. In his early years he played soccer and taekwondo. As he aged through his early teens, he moved into various different pick up sports.


Never joined any teams but loved to be active through a variety of different sports and activities. Once at the age of sixteen, his father took him to gym for the first time. From that day forward he fell in love with lifting, nutrition and fitness.


He then started spending his free time reading, researching and watching videos to expand his knowledge. Always being a caring person, Devin knew the potential benefits that this industry could have on not only himself, but others, so he changed all his high school courses to eventually lead him into the kinesiology program at U of T with hopes of eventually helping, impacting and influencing as many people as he can.


Devin is a certified personal trainer and will be graduating from University of Toronto’s Kinesiology program in 2017.


  • Certified Personal Trainer
  • Kinesiology Student


““If you always do what you’ve always done, you’ll always get what you always got” – Ronnie Coleman


Favorite Food – Steak

Favorite Music – Rap/R&B/Hip Hop

Favorite Lift - Over Head Press

Meet Phil Bougram!


Phil Bougram is 24 years old currently in his 3 rd year studying Kinesiology at Brock University.


He is a graduate of Liaison College for Basic French Cuisine.


Growing up, Phil had a passion for World Wrestling Entertainment.


Superstars like The Rock, Hulk Hogan and Shawn Michaels had impressive physiques. Through the WWE, Phil was determined to change his body. Along the way, Phil spent 7 years attending United Family Martial Arts.


Karate instilled a ‘never give up’ attitude along with learning to respecting his peers. The need to look impressive slowly started to change, as working out eventually became a stress mediator.


Through life’s challenges, Phil always could relax at the gym. Not only did working out change the way he looked, but removed stress and built confidence within himself. Phil truly believes that a healthy body leads to a healthy mind and soul.


Phil loves spending time with his family and friends. He has a passion for sports, music, cars, food… and dancing!


“Strength does not come from physical capacity. It comes from an indomitable will” - M.Gandhit


Favorite Food – Sushi

Favorite Music – EDM & R&B

Favorite Lift - Bench Press